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Businesses often avoid an HR issue because it’s just too hard to deal with. Unfortunately, as much as we’d hope they would, problems usually don’t go away on their own and they soak up time and energy, and may even expose you to costly legal action. It’s a high price to pay just because there isn’t the time to get the knowledge or skills to deal with it effectively.

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on searching for the right answers.
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by accepting unqualified advice.

We’ll help with …

On-boarding & Inductions
Workplace Conflict Resolution
Performance Appraisals
HR Compliance Advice
Recruitment Adverts
Application shortlisting
Setting up Job Interviews
Employee Referee Checks
Engagement Training
Team Building Sessions
Audits and File Management

When you need concise, easy to follow HR advice backed up by accountability & experience.

We understand that dealing with HR issues is probably the hardest and least enjoyable part of your business. Systems and compliance can be confusing, and employee problems can get messy and emotional, leaving managers like yourself, worried to do anything in case they get it wrong. After all, no-one wants to end up at the Industrial Tribunal.

Our HR advisors have heaps of experience dealing with just these sorts of problems, and all the required qualifications to know how to do things by the book but with the least amount of fuss. Because they’re used to helping small businesses, their solutions are totally realistic and very doable.

We often find the solution is quite simple. The trick is knowing what it is and getting the help to put it into place.

Imagine how much getting just one nagging issue sorted out properly will ease your mind and allow you to get back to business.

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to our Advisory Service.

Our HR advisor will work with you using our Chaos to Clarity Analysis Tool to quickly define your business context and issue. They will then provide you with a short summary of how they can help. This RISK FREE chat gives you the opportunity to decide on whether you think they understand your issue enough to help you resolve it. If you’re not satisfied, you just say “no thanks” and hang up and it’s only cost 15 minutes of your time.

On the other hand, if you think they’re making sense and can solve your headache, you can choose our Your Hr On Tap Starter Pack to have 3 hours of support immediately credited to your account.

You’re then ready to launch into solving your issue with a 15 minute head start.

Making it Easier

only$497inc GST

Because we not only understand the value of the dollar in small business, but also know the real cost of not dealing with your HR issues as quickly as possible, we are offering a 25% discount on our regular hourly rate to help get you started.

What’s Included:

  • 3 hours of premium HR advice to be used as and when you need it
  • Concise but detailed summary of how to solve your HR problem
  • Follow up email following each contact confirming your credit balance
  • No Credit Expiry on your pre-purchased hours
  • No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee

We’re so confident that you’ll be delighted with our advice and support, that we back it with a No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee:
If you’re not happy that the advice and support has been worth the purchase price,
once you’ve completed your 3hr starter pack, we will refund it no questions asked.

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