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Find Packs

We’ll help you with everything from job design to the first day.

Maximise productivity using a proven structured system to get the best candidate up and running quickly.Read More »


Assure Packs

We’ll help you build a rock solid foundation to protect you and your business.

Sleep like a baby knowing your documentation is in order and you’re set for anything people related.Read More »


Motivate Packs

We’ll help you motivate your team to achieve peak efficiency.

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Exit Packs

We’ll equip you with everything you need to exit an employee safely and effectivelyRead More »

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We’ll help you with everything from job design to the first day with Professional HR support in person, on site, email and phone (including document preparation).

Our HR Advisory Service will help you find, recruit and onboard the best people for your team using the four A’s.

We will help you…

Attract the right person by correctly describing the role, identifying the right target market, and then advertising the role in the right places to reach them.

Assess the applications and their referees.

Appoint: ensure you have the correct compliance in place.


Acquaint your new employees through the onboarding process.


 ATTRACT Recruitment Pack

Standard $4997; Professional $5997*

Everything from advertising to selecting your new employee. This package suits small to medium businesses and includes an advert on seek, shortlisting of applications, preliminary and secondary interviews, referee checks for suitable applicants, and a summary report page.

  • Create and coordinate advertising (includes one Seek ad placement)
  • Assess and shortlist applicants and conduct preliminary interviews
  • Write interview questions and prepare necessary documents for the interviewers
  • Interview coaching so you get the best results at interview
  • Undertake second round interviews with you so you can see how they fit
  • Conduct referee checks
  • Produce selection report summarising the selection process


ATTRACT PLUS Recruitment Pack

Standard $5699; Professional $6699*

The ATTRACT PLUS has the same inclusions as the standard ATTRACT package, but also includes job description review or creation, a contract letter for the successful applicant, and customised starter documents to ensure your business is compliant.

Includes everything in the Attract Recruitment Pack, PLUS:

  • Update or create new job description
  • Write contract letter
  • Provide tailored starter documents


ACQUAINT New Starter Pack


Our tailored 90-day induction program makes transitioning a new employee easy. It provides start up and induction support, a tailored letter of employment, monthly manager support calls as well as 1st day, 1st week, 1st month and 3rd month checklists and employee check-in.

  • New employee start up and induction support
  • Letter of employment
  • 1st day, 1st week, 1st month and 3rd month tailored induction program
  • Monthly manager support calls


* PROFESSIONAL Packs are tailored for specialised, technical or leadership positions.



We will help you prevent potential disaster using the 4 P’s.

We’ll help you make sure that…

You have all the right paperwork in place.

You are protecting that information.

You have usable policies in place and help you review any existing policies.

Your business and/or strategic plan is in place to help your business grow in the right direction.




This pack will ensure your business is compliant and help shape your organisation’s culture and behaviours. Our consultants will work with you to identify and tailor the five most important policies for your team. These may include a leave policy, internet and social media policy, confidentiality policy or car allowance policy – the possibilities are endless. Need more than five? Ask us about an upgrade.

Choose from policies such as:

  • Leave
  • Internet & Social Media
  • Confidentiality
  • Grievances
  • Duty of Care
  • Flexible Work
  • Mobile Phone & Computer
  • Car Allowance

Includes a 1-2 hour phone consultation to clarify your requirements.




Suitable for people with existing businesses who aren’t quite sure if their paperwork is up to date or those who simply need a hand.

This package sees one of our consultants audit your records, policies and procedures, identify any gaps and work with you to rectify these.

This may include preparing tailored documents, developing employee manuals or creating a mission statement.

  • Audit your records
  • Provide documents to fill the gaps
  • Review of employee records, policies & procedures, and update & develop as required
  • Create tailored documents including employee manual, values statement, mission statement, and code of conduct
  • Discuss needs




Take control of your workplace culture and evaluate your structure so that your team is working at its best.

This includes reviewing or developing job descriptions, and reviewing your organisational structure.

You get tailored position descriptions aligning to employment contracts, a business and organisational model schematic, a Workforce Management plan, and 90-day phone and email support through implementation.

  • Create job descriptions
  • Develop organisation chart



$3947 (based on workforce of ≤20)

For businesses looking to adapt to changing conditions.

If you’re not sure what workforce, or skills and competencies your people will need to be sustainable and meet customer demands in the changing market place.

We will carry out an environmental scan of your industry, compare the results to the skill profile in your current workforce, and develop a tailored synopsis of what you will need to stay competitive and profitable and the strategies to achieve it.



Are you at a loss on how to motivate, engage and improve employee performance?

You’re not alone.

Many businesses have employees who simply aren’t performing.

This can be a very frustrating time for both you and your employee.

We’ll help you address the issues, deal with them and re-focus your team with our expertly designed programs.



$4097 + travel for outside metropolitan area

For businesses with staff who are not pulling their weight, lost their spark, or not getting along.

We will work alongside you to coach and develop an effective management and leadership style allowing you to clarify roles, responsibilities, expectations and consequences.

We will provide you with all the documentation you’ll need to successfully manage or improve performance of your challenging staff. We can attend or manage the difficult conversations as required.

    • Performance review guidelines for interviewees & managers
    • Development of Performance review policy and procedure
    • Biannual staff survey and analysis
    • Employee benefits, recognition program and team building initiatives
    • Development of tailored position descriptions aligning to employment contracts
    • 2 hours of 1:1 coaching per month
    • Framework for pre-disciplinary process
    • Framework for managing the process & outcomes
    • Attend performance management
    • Grievance facilitation




Development of online survey questionnaire, management of invitations and responses, analysis of data and provision of a comprehensive report identifying company strengths and areas needing improvement with strategy options to address these.

    • Development of survey questionnaire
    • Management of invitations and responses through online medium
    • Analysis of data
    • Provision of comprehensive report identifying company strengths and areas of improvement with suggested strategies to address issues




Looking to increase productivity and engage your team?

This package includes everything from staff survey to understand the issues, to implementable engagement strategies. These might include employee benefits, recognition program or team building initiatives.

90-day phone and email support through implementation.




This pack is for you if you’re thinking of building a bonus scheme.

We’ll work with you to properly structure your remuneration policy and develop a tailored bonus scheme which will achieve the results you’re looking for.



Starting from $5997

Take advantage of this world class innovative approach to developing your staff, leadership and culture by implementing our actionable conversations platform.

With proven measurable results in improving profitability, productivity and morale, this pack is a must for anyone who is serious about creating a business which makes money, continues to improve its services, and gives their people challenge and accountability.



We’ll equip you with everything you need to exit an employee safely and effectively.

One of the more difficult tasks of HR and management is correctly transitioning employees out of your business.

We’ll equip you to…

Remove poorly performing employees and make sure your discipline policies are effective

Farewell employees who have resigned

Prepare for possible retirements in your workplace


Make a redundancy, in the unfortunate case that a downturn in business makes that necessary.




Don’t risk having an unfair dismissal claim leveraged against your organisation, risking your business and damaging your reputation.

Everything you need to exit an employee safely and effectively; this package includes appropriate documentation and conversation strategy, as well severance and redundancy advice. We’ll hold your hand every step of the way.

  • Discipline, process matrix and checkout
  • Hold your hand




Looks like a key member of your workforce will be coming up to retirement soon?

Our retirement pack prepares a tailored strategy with succession planning, knowledge transfer and recruitment elements to ensure that their wealth of knowledge does not walk out the door with them, depriving your business of valuable customer intel and procedural learnings.

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