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as your HR Manager?

Your HR On Tap brings Human Resources advice, support and solutions straight to you as a HR Manager or small business owner, when you need it.

Our Perth based Human Resources Management experts have a combined experience of over 40 years, so we’ve seen it all. Our human resources department comes from a range of different backgrounds, which means our dynamic team can draw on a wide breadth of knowledge.

We have helped clients across a wide range of industries solve their performance management and employee related issues, and we believe our down to earth approachable nature sets us apart from the rest.

Building a profitable business is hard work, your biggest asset is your dynamic team and we’re here to help you recruit, engage and energise your team so you can enjoy long-lasting success, without the Human Resources headaches.


“I’ve worked in both operational and management roles during my career, so I know how things work in practice. I believe my clients benefit from the deep understanding and broad HR experience I have built up over my career. I take a very practical approach as an HR Manager, and I believe that if your business has some clear procedures and guides in place you can work a lot more efficiently.”

Rob Veitch
Director Your HR on Tap

brand-157839_640We look forward to hearing from you.

We understand that dealing with HR issues is probably the hardest and least enjoyable part of your business. Systems and compliance can be confusing, and employee problems can get messy and emotional, leaving managers like yourself, worried to do anything in case they get it wrong. After all, no-one wants to end up at the Industrial Tribunal.

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